Eden Hazard’s Journey to Real Madrid is a Nightmare Full of Injuries

Seeing Eden Hazard in Real Madrid is just pretty much seeing a nightmare for now. Just before the league is delayed due to global coronavirus pandemic, Madrid’s Hazard is not the same as Chelsea’s Hazard. So far it is fair to say that the first season of Hazard in Madrid is a nightmare. Injuries have been the main problem for Hazard in Madrid. Even before the effect of global coronavirus pandemic strike the football world, Hazard has been declared unable to play until the end of the season. Chelsea fans even consider it as a wasted year for Hazard.

Back to last year specifically on June 7th of 2019 Madrid announced that Hazard will play for the club from the 2019/2020 season to the 2023/2024 season. The reported signing fee back then was about 100 million Euros. That makes him the second most expensive player signed by Madrid. The most expensive one remains Gareth Bale that is somehow unable to shine brightly in Madrid. Hazard’s salary was reported to be about GBP 400,000 a week. He was unveiled on June 13th in front of about 50,000 fans of Real Madrid. Expectations were totally rising back then at that time. https://www.maxbetsbobet.org/

Hazard was the chosen one to revolutionize the attacking strength of Real Madrid. That is due to the previously terrible season of the team. Under the guidance of Zidane as the coach, Hazard was expected to agglutinate the overflow of attack in depth leading to more goals. Unfortunately, that is not the case even until today. Some new names have been secured to boost Madrid’s performance even to deal with the flop of Hazard this season. Does it really that bad in terms of Hazard’s performance in Madrid? The performance is okay but the injuries are not okay at all.

He suffered his first injury in Madrid on a training session just before a match against Celta Vigo. That delayed his debut on a professional competition with Madrid. That was in August of 2019 while on November 26th he suffered another injury. That time the injury was an ankle injury caused by his fellow Belgian, Thomas Meunier who plays for Paris Saint-Germain. That second injury caused him to skip the total of 16 matches with Real Madrid in various competitions. Obviously, that was not a start Hazard would have wanted in his dream club. That was not the worst yet.

February 16th was the day Hazard finally returns to the field to play for Madrid. Unfortunately, in just 6 days after that match, Hazard has another terrible injury in a match against Levante. That match was later become a lost for Madrid. That last injury is actually a broken ankle that eventually leads him to just sit the rest of the season under proper care and treatment. It is not a good thing at all to see a huge player as Hazard suffered injuries one after another. Surely a huge hope of Madrid’s fans is to see Hazard’s highest level of performance in the future.

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