8 Reasons Why You Will Love Football

Football is one of the biggest sports in the world. They have the biggest even called The World Cup. You will find such a big name like Cristian Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Lionel Messi.

Here 8 reasons why you will love football.

Health your body

Football is one of the sports that will increase your skills and healthy body, like any other sports you knew. The sports itself will improve your speed, durability, strength, agility, balance and of course your cardiovascular endurance.

Big teammates

Because of big numerous players in a team, 11, this kind of sport will help people to coordinate with each player, so it needs great teamwork and trust in one another. All players have their big specific job to win the match. That’s why the bond of the team somehow stronger than any other sports. 

Bring people together

Some people say that this kind of sport brings people together. Maybe you have some great memories when you cheering on the bleachers or even when you just sit down in your living room with the family to support your nation’s football team. However, football can bring people together either your friends, family, or even someone stranger you’ve happened to meet at the stadium because they have the same as to your team. Football will bring people together no matter how diversities they are. https://www.judibolaterbaik.co/

Easy and cheap sports

Learning football is simple. You just need to score a goal to the opponent’s net by using all of your body but hands. You may need some complex technique but it is easy to learn. While the football equipment is not that expensive than any other sports like bowling, golf, rugby or hockey.

Football is for all age

Football is for all ages, either you are a supporter or a player. While some sports need a certain age requirement, football is not. We may know that NFL player needs to be 3 years out from high school before enlistment, and the NBA needs to be 1 year out from school.

The passionate supporters

You know the scene when the football supporters sing each of their club anthem right? Or when they’re cheering out loud when your favorite player scored the goal? Somehow as supporters, I will be happy if my team won and sad like the player when they lose.

Great rivalry match

Talk about the rivalry match, football always has it. When rival meets, it will be one of the great games that you won’t forget.

Have the greatest event

Talk about the great event in football, it’s the World Cup. The World Cup sometimes symbolizes the power of the nation. It’s all around the world, even when your country doesn’t participate. Every people celebrate and won’t miss the game. While maybe people don’t know about the anthem of the Olympic games, but for the World Cup, you’ll find almost every people sing the anthem and it has been the talk of the town when the event started!

That’s eight reasons why you will love football. If you’re already a fan, would you mind telling us why you love football?

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